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Should I get some diversity in my reports?

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Should I get some diversity in my reports?

Hello everyone!


So I'm happy to say that my scores have shot up pretty crazy since joining here and lurking around so thanks to everyone as a whole for sharing stories and your knowledge.


With that said, Im looking for some opinions. I have a few credit cards open and have been paying them off  ever month....but holidays hit so they are a little above 30%. Smiley Sad


Not bad from a financial stand point as they can be paid off with ease but I thought this might be a good opprotunity for some diversity in my reports. I know its not a huge factor but I thought it couldnt hurt.


I have no loans at all...ever...on my reports. I figured if I get a personal loan from Wells Fargo or a local Credit Union to pay off the cards completly it will bring my utilization to zero on the cards and give me my first loan on my reports. Again, It would be no problem paying it off in a few months but I figured now would be a good time if any.


Any opinions? I want to make sure I'm not over looking anything.

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Re: Should I get some diversity in my reports?

If it will save you money in interest, then I'd consider it.  Otherwise I wouldn't get a loan for just a small bump.

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