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Should I have this old CC account TL removed?

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Re: Should I have this old CC account TL removed?

RobertEG wrote:

Bottom line is that the consumer really has no way to "get a TL removed."

That is solely at the option of the creditor.

They can assert, and correctly so, that they have an obligation to preserve the record of your prior history with them in your credit file for the good of the system, permitting other prospective lendors to view accurate information.  That is what the credit reporting system is all about.

I am not quite sure how you would go about getting account deletion.........

The lady that spoke with me said that my only option would be to have the entire TL deleted, she wouldn't have any problem doing that, but that she couldn't delete/remove the 30-120+ baddies that I requested on my GW e-mail.

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Re: Should I have this old CC account TL removed?

Revelate wrote:

I think it will make no difference whatsoever with Chase.


Lenders absolutely keep their own internal lists; regardless of what your credit report states in two years, Chase will know about the status of your two previous accounts with them. I don't know Chase's policy, but it's individual lender by lender as to whether they will extend you credit again or not in the future, or how long the theoretical black-listing will be (if any).


If the only reason you're considering keeping that TL is to up your chances with Chase, take the nuclear option and airstrike it in my opinion.


Okay... guess I'll be giving her a call early tomorrow morning then and have this acct removed off my CRs. Hopefully my score won't decrease! *crossing fingers* The thing about these two CCs is that one used to be WAMU and the other used to be Chevy Chase Bank! it wouldn't be fair for them to deny me credit in the future *sigh* they weren't CHASE cards to begin with! Smiley Mad

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