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Should I pay these old accounts off? and a few other ?'s

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Should I pay these old accounts off? and a few other ?'s

Ok..I have a fako score of credit card with perfect payment history, no public records or liens, just

several unpaid medical and utility bills.


Some med bills will fall off in a year or two...Comcast one is from a few years ago, as well as a Music Arts

account. I have a few small med bills(under $100 from a few years ago), that I would like to pay off.


Do I need to take any particular steps here, or contact, say Stevens business associates(that name came up a lot) and tell them I want to pay off the debt...will this send my score rolling downward, and even if it does, wouldnt potential creditors see I at least made the effort to pay, even though it took a while!


Just need some guidance. There is alot of info on this board, and Im very confused.  I would like to approach Comcast and music arts to arrange a settlement maybe, possibly.


I got myself over my head several years ago, and had a lot more medical bills than I do now.  I have a owner financed mortgage that I have never been late on in three years, and bought a car from a buy here pay here place that I have perfect payment history on, but of course, these items dont get reported on the CR....

SO, Im headed in the right direction, just want to clear up some of these items, otherwise< i believe it's just a waiting game! Thanks for any guidance...

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Re: Should I pay these old accounts off? and a few other ?'s

Send a PFD letter to the unpaid utilities/non medical.  There are some sample letters floating around here.  Is Stevens Business assoc. a collection agency?    If you have any paid collections you can send them a GW letter (basically asking nicely for them to remove the negative tradeline).  I've had success with GW, though I haven't had any replies to my PFD letters yet on my unpaids.



I believe you should do the HIPAA process with the medical bills.  Google "HIPAA process" and you will come up with lots of good info on that.  I've never done it so I can't help much there. 


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