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Should I trust this? CSD Collection Specialist

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Should I trust this? CSD Collection Specialist

I called CSD Collection Specialist to inquire about a debt on my boyfriends credit report. I know that you all say that it's not wise to call the collection agency, but they refused to send out validation due to us living in a closed (close?) border state. However, I spoke with the rep and she said that if the debt is paid she can request to have it removed from all 3 of his reports, but she can't send anything in writing. I'm afraid that once the debt is paid it will still remain on his credit report. Has anyone dealt with this company before? What was the outcome? I have her name and her extension number for our records, but what good will that do? Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Should I trust this? CSD Collection Specialist

I would say well once you put it in writing you will get your money!


Just contact them through the mail now... I do not like talking to CA reps and being recorded at all.

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Re: Should I trust this? CSD Collection Specialist

That is pure BS.

The CA does not have to  "request removal."  All they have to do is to report the CA account as deleted.

CRAs dont review and approve reasons for account deletion. If the CA reports deletion status, the CRA  just deletes

If  paid without a prior, valid PFD agreement, all the CA has to do under the FCRA is to update the debt balance to $0.  That does not remove it from your CR or from credit scoring.

They are feeding you a line to get your $$.

You need a legal, signed PFD contract in advance of payment before you can hold them to CA account deletion in exchange for payment.



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