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Simple Question...I think.

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Simple Question...I think.

Both the OC and CA are reporting a old paid collection account to the CRA's.  If I get the CA to agree to a GW, will the OC automatically be removed with it?  Or do I need to send them a GW too?  Thanks.

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Re: Simple Question...I think.

I believe that is true, that they will both be removed, but maybe the brain wizards around here can correct me if I'm wrong...

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Re: Simple Question...I think.

Hi larryb and Welcome to the forums,Smiley Happy


Sorry but no,one company can not delete what another company has reported to the CRA's.


So you would have to send one GW to the CA and another GW to the OC.


You said this was an old CA....... What is the date of removal from your CR's?

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Re: Simple Question...I think.


That also applies to PFD offers made before a debt is paid to one or the other.

Only the party who reported the derog, whatever it is, can report its deletion to the CRA.

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