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Simplio 15K tradeline?

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Re: Simplio 15K tradeline?

@BallBounces wrote:

@chhull00 wrote:

but their annual fee is on sale, should get some at 29.00 , im going o wait for 14.99

The next 100 callers get it free!

"the fee is on sale" Smiley Very Happy


But wait, there's more! For a limited time, you can get nothing (a $0 value!) for only $14.99! That's a savings of over $14 below our regular price!

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Re: Simplio 15K tradeline?

I have organic dislike for TLs like this but lets skip mocking and remain courteous, please. 


I'd hate to see the thread locked before reasonable explanations why this is not such a good idea are given to OP and anyone else who might be considering it. 


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Re: Simplio 15K tradeline?

Actually to my Understanding it's NOT 15K... they have an underwriting team.


I got $3.5K which i though was flat but my cousin just signed up and only got $750... from what it seems to us it's based on credit history, simliar revolving accounts (he also gor $700 from fingerhut) and how long yuou have been a member with them.

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