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Slow Progress

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Slow Progress

Just an update on my repair journey in case anyone who is starting their own journey is reading and needs a little boost in motivation. 


<< Rewrind to 2019


I started with a crappy credit profile with scores in the low 500s across the board. I had late payments, collections, and charge-offs. It really brought me down mentally and I had no idea where to start or whether the damages could even be fixed. I went on this forum and found some phone numbers and some emails and went to work. While waiting for callbacks and mail, I tried to apply for credit cards and could only get a secured Open Sky credit card with a $300 limit. 


Fast forward to 2020>>


I brought the scores up to mid 600s (EX 675, TU 676, EQ 649) and was able to add my first reward-earning credit card (cash reward from Bank of America). I also applied for Capital One's secured card in hopes of one day upgrading it to their other cards. I was approved and went back to making those calls and writing those letters. I was succesful in removing some baddies. I guess some people just got tired of hearing from me Smiley Very Happy


Fast forward to 2021>>


The scores increased by very little but was able to add BofA's Travel Rewards to the wallet. Two of the secured cards have become unsecured and the limits got to a point where I did not have to make multiple payments throughout the week. 


Fast forward to today>>


My scores now sit at 688s with one at 700. Although I still have some late payments left in my report, I was able to remove a lot of the baddies. I now have two additional cards (Blue Cash Preffered and American Express Gold). 


A couple things I learned: 

1. Be ready for some rejections and take a break when you need it. Rejections are bound to happen and its good to be prepared but there is a limit to how many times a person can be rejected before it gets to them. There was a couple of times when someone called me about my Good-Will request and placed me on hold for an hour only to come back and say no. I wanted to scream and decided to pause everything for a couple weeks. When I came back, I was refreshed and more ambitious.


2. Don't do what I did and check scores on a daily or even weekly basis. I checked once per month when a new report was ready or when there was a new alert. Time is your friend. 

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Re: Slow Progress


Homeowner since Sept 2020. My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag. Just sharing my experiences after BK from learning here from rebuild to recovery from the @ 540's.
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Re: Slow Progress

Persistence paid off. TIME is most definitely one's friend when you stay focused on the goal. Keep up the good work!

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