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Smart to dispute this collection, or wait?

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Smart to dispute this collection, or wait?

I have 2 medical collections that are showing on each of my reports.  They are small collections, $126 and $34.  I spoke to the collection agency today and due to them not having enough information on the debt they have agreed to cancel it.  I'm about to apply for a mortgage and I want this to be removed asap, so my question would be is it quicker to wait on them to report it or should I dispute the debt?  They told me they are reporting it to be removed from my credit report, but it can take 30-90 days.  When I go to dispute something on my report it lists that it would be resolved within 30 days.  Should I just wait it out and rely on them to remove it, or is it smarter to go ahead with the dispute?  Thanks

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Re: Smart to dispute this collection, or wait?

I would not dispute if they told you they were going to delete them.  

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Re: Smart to dispute this collection, or wait?

Agree with the above poster. Let it ride out and dont poke the bear. Congrats!

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Re: Smart to dispute this collection, or wait?

If it will clearly be more than two months before you apply for new credit, then filing the dispute would not overlap with the mortgage app process, so it might be good to use the 30-day conclusion period for a dispute to ensure that it is taken care of prior to the morgage app.

However, that assumes you have a valid dispute, which is not clear from the post.


Their statement that they dont have enough information on the debt is not a clear statement that the debt is not legit or that any reporting is inaccurate.  It could simply be a statement that validation might be difficult, and they are considering voluntary deletion to move on to other things.  

Additionally, if you sent a debt validation letter, it would not per se result in any requirment to even respond.

If timely, it would only impose a cease collection bar, and if not timely, could be ignored.


To file a dispute, you would have to identify the specific inaccuracy, and provide some documentation or argument stating why it is inaccurate.  What would be the asserted inaccuracy that would be the basis for a dispute?  Their statement regarding not having enough information on the debt is too vague and may not establish a specific inaccuracy.

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