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So Fako is officially crazy!

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So Fako is officially crazy!

Got to laugh at this one, had 2 charge offs on tu. One dropped off in January,  did a ee on it. Next one did my ee on 4/1.So what does my score do? Drops! Only one point, but still. On the bright side, only have one left for 80 bucks, it's paid but on till next year. May have to try for a goodwill removal. Got to love fake scores. 

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Re: So Fako is officially crazy!

Vantage scores do not include some closed accounts in its credit age calculations, depending on your credit profile and the type of account that was closed. It counts the negatives on closed accounts. But once its all cleared. The closed account could lower your average age of all accounts, and may hurt your VantageScore credit scores. FICO is where you'll see the changes your looking for. Congrats and good luck.

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