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So I answered a call from a CA...

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So I answered a call from a CA...

I answered a call today from Asset Acceptance to see if I could make some progress on this debt. They tell me I can settle and they will mark the account as "paid-settled" - so I asked them what's in it for me? They said that the debt will be satisfied, and since it's my obligation to pay the debt that should be the reward. The collector continued to argue with me, and I was trying to see if they might be able to do a PFD. Her voice continued to rise in volume, and she finally hung up on me.


Fast forward to 15 minutes ago - I get an alert from Scorewatch. The Asset Acceptance account reported an increase of $44, and my EQ FICO dropped 7 points from 597 to 590.


I don't think I'm ever going to get anywhere with Asset Acceptance, and the account falls off of my CR in about 18 months. I'm starting to accept that Asset, Midland, and a CO from Discover will just have to remain on my report for roughly 18 more months until they fall off. If I were to settle with all of these, it would still cost me about $4k - and I don't think it's worth it when it's not going to doing anything for my score.

AMEX PRG - NPSL I AMEX Everyday Preferred - $34.8k I Capital One Venture - $20k I Chase Sapphire Preferred - $25.5k I Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier - $20.7k I Barclay Arrival + - $10k I Capital One Quicksilver - $10k I NFCU Flagship Rewards Visa Signature - $15k I NASA FCU - $10k I Texell FCU Visa - $5k I Chase Freedom - $9.9k I Citi Double Cash - $7.8k I Discover IT - $5k I NFCU CLOC - $15k I Total Unsecured Credit - $188,700

EQ FICO - 714 (5/24/16) I TU FICO - 772 (5/24/16) I EX FICO - 770 (5/24/16)
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