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So confused about Experian's status details

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So confused about Experian's status details

 I'm really confused about Experian's Status Details on my report.  As you can see below I had some late payments in 2006 but Experian is stating this account will go into a positive status as of September 2012.  Is this realy true?  Not that I'm complaining I but thought lates report for 7 years?  I don't want to get my hopes up that these lates will soon fall off but it looks good to me! Smiley Happy

Address: 3015 S PARKER RD STE 400 AURORA, CO 80014 (888) 486-4722 Account Number: 7433....
Status: Open. Status Details: By Sep 2012, this account is scheduled to go to a positive status.
Date Opened: 08/2003
Reported Since: 12/2005
Date of Status: 12/2006
Last Reported: 10/2011
Type: Installment
Terms: 120 Months
Monthly Payment: $28
Responsibility: Individual
Credit Limit/Original Amount: $2,750
High Balance: NA
Recent Balance: $1,283 as of 10/2011
Recent Payment: $244
Account History: 180 days past due as of Jun 2006 90 days past due as of Mar 2006
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Re: So confused about Experian's status details

print it and keep it.  You might need it later Smiley Wink


As far as right now, you might want to see about GW on the lates.  If you're current on the account now, and have been for some time, they might be willing to delete those Smiley Happy

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Re: So confused about Experian's status details

You have hit on the problem with using any expected fall-off date or  statement of when an account will become postive.


It never explains what they are even talking about.

In my mind, going postive means no adverse items remaining.  In most cases, a derogatory file has numerous adverse items, each with different exclusion dates.

|Each monthly delinquency has its own individual exclusion date of 7 years from its date of occurance.  Each collection and/or charge off has a separate date that extends back to the DOFD on the OC account, and expires 7 years plus six months thereafter.


There is rarely one date that makes a file postive, except for the final date when all adverse items have expired.

Not having defined what they even mean by "positive," I could not begin to tell you if they mean no collections/charge-offs, no delinquencies over 30-days, etc., etc.

Just an ambiguous statement.

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