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So excited!!!!

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So excited!!!!

I have been faithfully watching my credit score for a couple of years now, and have patiently been waiting for my score to rise. In July 2010 my TU score was 668. Not real good, but it was high enough for me to purchase my home Smiley Very Happy it has slowly crept up to 701 in July 2011 and seemed to be stuck just inside the 700 mark till this morning! I got a notice from myfico that my score had changed and much to my surprise my score is now 741!!!Smiley Surprised Smiley Very Happy

It seems that my last baddie on my TU report has finally fallen off and for some reason I have the lates I had have fallen off a few months early.

Just had to share and thank all of you!!!!

Now if i could get the other 2 to follow TU i would be one very happy girl! Smiley LOL

Starting Score: TU 754 EQ 705 EX 680 (AmEx pull)
Current Score: TU 754 EQ 711 as of Jan 28, 2013 EX 680
Goal Score: 800 across the board with utilization down from 28%

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Re: So excited!!!!

Awesome news -- thanks for sharing!!!

I used to post my scores here. However, I'm prone to motion sickness and the ups and downs were nauseating.
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Re: So excited!!!!

Congrats...can't wait till 2015 when all my baddies come off!
Current FICOs (Sept 2015) EQ: 666 TU: 663
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