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Soft Inquiry and SOL Question

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Soft Inquiry and SOL Question

So I had a 2 Verizon collections deleted last month (CA #3 I believe) after I DV'd them. It magically disappeared only to reappear this month under Midland (CA #4) which suprisingly was opened on the day I wrote my DV letter (6/11) and reported on 7/21. CA #3 never sent validation or anything of the likes and I figure it was over. So I am going to send DV on Monday because I want them gone ASAP and they seem like PIA to deal with and I want to get a car next year so I would like my report to be pretty much spotless. I figure after 4 CA they probably have little to nothing. My drop off date for TU (only reporting on them for now, previously was TU and EX) stayed the same which would be 7/11 and 8/11. My state SOL is 4 years although I know the Federal is 2 which some say is debatable. So when would my SOL actually end? End of this month for one and next for the other or is it before/after those dates? So my question is do they have PP (under Collection) in May to view my report and then my account was opened in June?
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Re: Soft Inquiry and SOL Question

SOL goes from DOLA, such as last payment.
A soft inquiry is okay.
If Midland softed you in May, then chances are they had the account then.
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