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Some Advice Accepted =)

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Some Advice Accepted =)

Trying to boost my credit score to get it into the 700s. So any advice is appreciated. Here is a brief overview of my credit file:


Credit Karma Scores: Transunion: 634 Equifax: 643


Furniture Store: CL $1800 (not updating only reports if balance)

Capital One: CL $750 (3 years old, last missed payment over 2 years)

Capital One: CL $500 (New not yet reporting)

Car Loan: No Missed payments over 3 years old

Department Store: CL $350 (New just reported but only bumped score 2 points)

Department Store: CL $14,000 ( Approved for 4k automated request for increase to 14k lol. New Just reported but only bumped score 3 points =(

Department Store: CL $350 (not reporting)

Installment Loan:  2 years left until paid no missed payments

Car Loan: 1 year old no missed payments.


Now for some bad news =P


Jewlery Card: Charge off/Sent to Collections for ~$400. Disputed but no help, should fall off 2018.

Secuirty System: Collection for ~$1700 (fraudulently opened by exgirlfriend when we lived together, I never signed or agreed to contract. I have disputed and sent complaints to BBB and FTC.)

Secuirty System:  Collection for the same account for about ~$2,700 Both secuirty system listings only reported on Transunion.


Inquires: 53 Equifax 20 Transunion


I have gone car shopping twice in the past year and recently went on an app spree trying to get actual bank cards but only approved for Department store cards. Was This (-) close to getting Discover but lost it.


So my question is: What can I do over the next 6 months to improve my score over the 700 mark.Smiley Tongue


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