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I really do not know where to place this!
I am in the process of rebuilding my credit and trying to pay my collections! Well This morning I spoke to a representative via Chat. She pulled my information up. I will post the conversation towards the bottom. But I went into a sprint with the impression of being able to turn In the phone and paying a $200 bill and then pulling the account from collections and off of my report, they told me they could not do it, and I needed to pay the complete bill. I called sprint right after, the representative told me of the buyback program and the most I could get is $300 for the phone and I would owe the rest. I instructed to speak to a supervisor, she kept insisting the supervisor was busy and she wasn’t going to do anything but tell me the same thing. When I finally talked to a Supervisor, she said I would her $95 for the phone lol. I directed her to the conversation of what I was told via chat and she says she’ll get in contact with me in 72 hours because I was promised what I was promised.
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Re: Sprint

dg524317 : How much amount you want to pay in your account?
You : i have a question. If I turn in the old phone will that lower the bill?
You : the other phone on the account was reported stolen/lost
dg524317 : Yes Yes absolutely correct it will get lower down the bill amount
You : would you know how much it would be?
dg524317 : Then your bill amount will gets lower down by around $200
You : Can I go to a sprint store and turn it in?
dg524317 : Yes once you return the device in your account and then the amount will get removed right away and I will update the notes on your account so you do not have to explain it to us again and you will be helped
dg524317 : Let me help you in this as your account is under the collection so let me help you in removing it so it will not affect your credit score in your account
You : Thank you. I really appreciate it. Will the account get called back to sprint from the collection agents ?
You : will they remove it from my credit report?
dg524317 : Not everyday we get the prompt and cheerful customer like youSmiley Happy
dg524317 : Yes let em do it right now and your account will get remove from collection right now
You : Smiley Happy I am so ready to finally pay this bill! And return the phone
dg524317 : Perfect!
You : Do I need to turn the phone in first or can I pay the $200 bill
dg524317 : You can return the device in your account and once you remove with device charges then you can pay the amount in your bill amount
dg524317 : You can do it in any way in your account
You : so pay at Sprint correct?
dg524317 : Yes you can do it
dg524317 : If you want to pay right now I can help you in accepting it
You : I will have to get my credit card. But I can definitely go this morning and bring the phone to a store and pay there.
dg524317 : Perfect!
dg524317 : Let me update the notes on your account so you do not have to explain it to us again
dg524317 : You will be helped at the sprint store and I have removed your account from the collection so now it will not effect your credit score
You : Thank you so much I really do appreciate you !
dg524317 : Anything for a valued and loyal customer like youSmiley Happy
agent : Based on our conversation today, do you feel I have resolved your issue?
You : Yes Definitely so!
dg524317 : Awesome.. I want to make sure that your concern is resolved completely and to your satisfaction.
dg524317 : I assure you that in the store you will be helped and your issue will get resolved
You : i hope you have a great day Smiley Happy
dg524317 : I hope i have satisfied you with my customer service?
You : Yes Smiley Happy
dg524317 : Your satisfaction is my top most priority.
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