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Starting to pay off to begin?


Starting to pay off to begin?

Hello everyone.  I am starting to clean up my credit report.  What is the best way to go about doing this?  I guess what I'm looking for is a process.  Should I contact the collection agencies first?  How do I negotiate and what should I be doing?  Hopefully I can get the bad credit removed from my credit report.  Is that even possible?


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Re: Starting to pay off to begin?

Hi and Welcome to the forums,


I'm getting ready to go to bed, so others will have to chime in too. You have came to the right place here at myFICO forums to learn.

To start with reading the stickys at the top of the boards, also reading other peoples post may have answers to your questions.


Do you have current CR's? and do you know about the free CR's from


Know your states SOL and the DoFD on each account.

If you need help with a certain item on your CR,post as much info and dates as possible.

To get more replies here, leave spaces when posting,because one huge block of text is hard to read.

Some of us have old eyes LOL 


With collections, find out who owns the debt then deal with them.Colllections are either sold or assigned to CA;s.

FICO scoring see a paid collection the same as an unpaid collection,so it's best to use  PFD letter or GW letters.


Make a copy of the common abrev so you know what we are talking about. Or when I started I opened 2 windows,1 with the myfico abrev and the other on the forums.


Read,read and read ask question before doing anything.Mistakes can happen when not knowing all the outcomes that can happen. I hope all this makes sense because I'm sleepy and it's time to go. Dont want to confuse you.Have a good night readingSmiley Wink

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