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Starting to rebuild

Your FICO® Scores can impact your loan interest rates, terms, approvals and more.
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Re: Starting to rebuild

I would go for both. Get your unsecured first! Just my honest opinion. But, I would do both in the same day. Remember, Cap1 will triple pull. Let us know what you do! 

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Re: Starting to rebuild

Check for prequal cards from Cap One, Discover, and Merrick.

Solid prequals and non pred banks.

Maybe 1 secured card from a good back if no prequals.

I would only appy to 1 or 2 store cards that you will use often and offer great rewards.

I would not apply for more than 3 cards every 6 months.

Rebuild started in 2014  -  $100k total unsecured credit in 2017  -  $200k+ total unsecured credit in 2019.


10% Rotating - Discover                             5%-20% - Amazon & Lowes                       6% Groceries - Amex Preferred (DW)
5% Gas & Sporting - Ducks Unl                 4% Dining & Entertain - Savor                   3% Travel & Hotels - Propel & Uber
2% Everything Else - Venture                    1% Cancer Charity - Fifth Third                 0% Financing Promos - QuickSilver



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Re: Starting to rebuild

Thanks again for all of the great discussion.  Today I applied and was approved for both:


Cap1 Platinum - $3000 CL

Discover IT Secured - $300 deposit

***and learned how to add them to signature!*** 


I plan on never letting either card get above 10% utlization each statement, and of course PIF.  Should I make payments before statements post so some statements show a $0 balance?  The "BK7 to 700 in 24 months"  guide discusses this but I have heard mixed reviews.


I do frequently shop on Amazon and Lowe's so would love to eventually apply for 1 of these cards, should I wait 5+ months before looking for a 3rd card?

Credit Rebuild started 9/14/2018

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Re: Starting to rebuild

Wow! Congrats on the SL of your unsecured Cap1 card! I'm unsure of what to say for your 3rd card. I'm assuming you could apply for a 3rd to let them all age together, but I'm not sure how bk friendly they are. Best of luck! 

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Re: Starting to rebuild

I prefer bank cards instead of store cards. Lowes gives more generous starting line of credit than Home Depot. I think Lowes like a score of mid 600s before they approve you. 


Have you received your FICO scores yet post BK? 


Amazon, I'm not sure about BK friendly, 5% rewards, but Discover throughout the year by quarters has a 5% category, Amazon will be from Oct, Nov and December.  Then it will change Jan-Mar, etc. 


IMHO, I'd apply only within this month, and garden (meaning no new apps) for a year to let the inquiries age off and let the age of youngest account hit the year mark -all at the same time. You will receive your best bump on any youngest card crossing that age threshold. 


Congrats on the 2 cards so far! 

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Re: Starting to rebuild

Thanks guys!!


CreditWise, through the Cap1 app, is showing a score of 657 but I understand that this is the TransUnion Vantage score instead of a true FICO score.  I plan on pulling my free CR in a few weeks once I'm 1 month post-discharge.  I'll then try to clear up my credit report.


Do you think the Lowe's card is still a possibility given my recent discharge and mid-600s score? I understand the importance of opening all accounts in the same month.

Credit Rebuild started 9/14/2018

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Re: Starting to rebuild

You can pull your FICO from for all 3 without dinging your credit. It's a $1 trial and you can cancel within the website before the 7 days to avoid the $30 monthly charge. FICO scores are usually different (up or down) from your Vantage score from CK.
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