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State Tax Lien - dispute

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State Tax Lien - dispute

If anyone could give my some insight, I'd truly appreciate it.

I currently have a state tax lien on my credit report for about $2,100. It is for "unpaid" taxes from 2005, however these taxes were most definitely paid through my weekly paychecks. I did not realize at the time that when I filed my taxes online (e-file) that I was only filing federal taxes, not state taxes. I was young and didn't understand, but I know that is just an excuse and doesn't mean much.


I was completely unaware that there were ANY issues with my taxes until I got a myFICO alert in August of 2010 that a lien was placed on my credit report. I've worked for the last several years to rebuild my credit and thank god, purchased my home shortly before the lien was put on my report. The problem was, the state was sending all of the information regarding any proceedings to the address I lived in 2005. I've since lived in different locations and although I changed my address legally, had NO IDEA anything was going on until I saw this on my credit report.


I've since contacted the state, sent them a revised tax return, etc. I've taken all avenues to rectify the situation and am now waiting. Every time I call they tell me they are "behind" (naturally) and have received, but not yet reviewed, my information. I know it will be proven that I've paid my taxes, but is there any hope of having this removed from my credit report once everything is settled with the state? I am sick over this whole situation.


Thanks so much.

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Re: State Tax Lien - dispute

Welcome to the forums!


I would wait it out and follow up with them regularly. Unfortunately, that's about the only thing you can do. If you dispute, assuming it is reporting incorrectly, it'll just get verified since the CRAs are contacting the state to verify the info. If the state hasn't fixed whatever it is they need to fix, then it'll just be verified. I would keep calling and then consider options once they process everything.

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Re: State Tax Lien - dispute

Thanks for the response Smiley Happy


So, in a nutshell, you are saying that I should contact the CRAs AFTER everything is settled with the state, yes? Is there any kind of documentation I should request from them to hand over to the CRAs once everything is settled and I file a dispute?

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Re: State Tax Lien - dispute

Many public records, such as state tax liens, werent even initially reported to the CRA directly by the state.

Do you know who posted this?

All  I see that would amount to a dispute now with the CRA is if they continued to incude this paid tax lien in your CR for more than 7 years from its reported date od payment.

If the basic reporting of the lien was inaccurate, then dispute is with the party who posted it, not the CRA for recording it.



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