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Status update and advice moving forward

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Status update and advice moving forward

So here are my scores as they stand today (I signed up with experian on 4/23 monthly and will get another 3 score update in 3 days)  I also got my annual credit report around 8/5 so I can see when they will fall off or DOFD.


EX-600 (today, up from 575 on 7/23)

EQ-614  (7/23/19)

TU- 564 (7/23/19)


I have had some stuff removed since then.  About three accounts and have had some stuff fall off.  So I am hoping to see a bump on the other 2 scores.


Here is my current situation:


I have four collections sitting there...Three I have disputed and the other I have not.


1.  IC System for 148 (fall off 4/2021) diputed came back as legit

2.  Enhanced for 601 (fall off 4/2021) havent disputed

3. Convergent for 179 (fall off 7/2021) Disputed came back as legit

4. GM Financial repot for like 12K (fall off 1/2021)  Havent disputed

5.  I have defaulted on student loans but they are around 2011 so they arent on my reports for around 4500.


I have lived overseas since 9/2014 (hence alot of fall offs around the same time) and will not return to the USA until 9/2021.  Should I just let this stuff fall naturally?  Then around Novemeber 2020 I will get a credit card or secured card (which ever i qualify for) and be added as an AU to my mothers Visa which has great history and ive seen her credit score its in the high 790's.


My wife and I will buy a house in late 2022 and we want to move home with no debt.  She is an egyptian national so she has zero debt.  I dont want to burden her with my debt so I want to resovle this the easiest way possible. 


I want to pay off my defaulted student loan.  If I rehab, will all those late payments come back or will it come back clean and boost my score?  Or should i just save an pay off in one lump sum? 


I have a wells fargo student loan that has never been late going back to 2008 when i started payments.  I use that to keep my credit score going.


The repo with most likely 1099C which i can work out a deal with the government to pay that. I am just gonna let that fall off on its own.  The federal governement is suprisingly wasy to work with.  I had some back tax stuff I settled with them.








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Re: Status update and advice moving forward

Well if you let them fall off. So be it. But stop disputing accurate info. It will come back and bite you if updated. Especially GM. I'll ping @calyx to help you on the student loan situation. Good Luck!

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Re: Status update and advice moving forward

I was planning on leaving GM and Enhanced alone. I disputed the other 2 because the dates were way off so I claimed it wasn't mine.
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Re: Status update and advice moving forward

That can still bite you. If it didn’t, you got lucky . We see too many people who misunderstand and think that the dispute option is there to try and remove something because it’s hurting their scores. They usually end up losing additional points because of it.

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Re: Status update and advice moving forward

I'll know whether it affected my scores in a few days.. Experian has gone up. Hoping I didn't get dinged.

Anyway I might wait it out until they fall off. I know those particulate CAs don't do PFD.

I don't want to poke the bigger ones. I know CA don't give up but after 5 years it's gotta be costing more than it's worth.
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Re: Status update and advice moving forward

if you can get a secured card or two right now, it will benefit you because it will be aging. then when all the bad things fall off you will be in a good position to app for an unsecured card. if you are waiting until your file is completely blank to add a card it wastes valuable time. just be sure not to make any mistake with the new accounts.

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Re: Status update and advice moving forward

I've thought about getting a few secured cards now... But I'm not in the States. I don't have a USA address other than my parents.

I could get a card and have my mom get gas once a month and pay it off. But I have no proof of verifiable income in the USA.
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Re: Status update and advice moving forward

As far as your student loan:  go for rehab.    The default will be removed, the lates shouldn't be added back on since the string started more than 7 years ago, and that way you'll have a nice old tradeline helping your scores/profile.

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Re: Status update and advice moving forward

I will address the student loan beginning next month.  What would you guess the monthly would be (what is common) on 4300 owed?


I went ahead on set up a Cap One Secured and will use it for 1 tank of gas per month.  I just want to find out what the cutoff day for reporting is once the card arrives.   In about 3-4 months I will set up either citi or discover secured as well and use those for maybe a monthly membership and thats it.


Thanks for the sound advice.  The baddies I will let them stay there and let them fall off naturally. 



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