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Stellar Recovery?? What to do--

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Stellar Recovery?? What to do--

So today I spoke with Stellar recovery which is a collection agency that is associated with comcast, My credit shows 2 open accounts from for $1,742 opened on 04/11 and one for $920 opened on 04/11...when I spoke with a gentleman he told me my balances (which I already could see on my report) then I asked him if he could "verify" these charges for me because I forgot to mention that earlier I spoke with comcast and they explained to me that my total amount owed was $932.77. Anyhow he got pretty frustrated with me and told me "NO I can't verify anything but the total, I don't know what you owe for, I just know the amount it this is just a collection agency and this account is from 2008" so I asked him if you can't verify what I am paying for and comcast cannot verify what the charges are for then basically I am just paying a random amount, two amounts in which are completely different than what comcast says I owe.


He told me...well you don't have to pay anything we will just continue to have it on your credit and let creditors know you refuse to pay. In which is not the case at all, but I would like to VERIFY what I am paying for??? I apparently had TWO accounts open at two different locations one in which I didn't live at, and the other I know I cancelled service for.


Anyhow this experience was horrible and the gentleman was extremely rude, unprofessional and unhelpful. What steps can I take now???

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Re: Stellar Recovery?? What to do--

The DV process is provided in order for consumers to obtain verification that the debt is considered legitimate, and to obtain an itemization of the current debt.

The only pressure compelling a debt collector to provide verification is the cease collection bar that it imposes, which only comes about if the DV is sent within 30 days of their dunning notice.  With the collections opened more than a year ago, I presume that more than 30 days has expired since their required dunning notice.

So teeth of requiring their cessation of collection by sending a DV has apparently expired.


You can still request debt verification, but if untimely, they can legitimately just choose to ignore the request, and go on about their business.


If you have evidence that the asserted debt is not yours, you can always get the matter before a judge by filing a civil action against them.

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