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Sticky situation help!

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Sticky situation help!

I Have a collection with sequim asset for an unpaid cox bill. I contacted cox today to get the bill break down. The bill is for 913.00. 420 for unreturned equipment and the remaining 493 is unpaid billing and charges.
I plan to return the equipment today which should know the bill down to 493.00
My question is, will the collection company Sequim Assets be notified and will the balance need to be updated to reflect lower charges? How does this work?

Would it be better to pay cox or negotiate a lower price with sequim assets? I'm short on funds, trying to pay off other collections. What would give me the best results?
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Re: Sticky situation help!

Negotiate for deletion no matter what you do! Paying it off will do NOTHING for your FICO. If your looking into any mortgages anytime soon they will more than likely require you to pay it regardless. 

Started 6/6/2018 EX - 588 ; EQ - 667 ; TU 575

Updated 12/2018

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Re: Sticky situation help!

Does Cox still own the debt, with the debt collector only having assigned collection authority, or was the debt sold to the debt collector, who is now the owner?


Is Cox also reporting, or is the only reporting by the debt collector?


Finally, what is the date of first delinquency with Cox the led to the collection?

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