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Stubborn baddies...please help!


Stubborn baddies...please help!

I just don't know what to do anymore. These lates are valid except for the ones from BofA and Sears (was under payment arrangement). I sent in GW letters after letters and got nowhere with the companies below. I stopped writing for a while and now I'm back at it.  Got a letter from BofA saying "unless you have new info, this case is closed" needless to say the letter was very discouraging. These lates and 2 med collections are gonna follow me around for the next 5 years! DH and I are planning to buy a house in a year or so and I don't want these lates continuing to damage my credit and cost me more $ in interest. I'm hoping that someone here will have some advice.

BofA - CL $6000 - PIF - closed - 8 lates (2009)
BofA - CL $2500 - PIF - closed - 11 lates (2009)
Citi - CL $4500 - PIF - closed - 3 lates (2008)
Kay - CL $724 - PIF - closed - 1 late (2009)
Sears- CL $1500 - PIF - closed - 3 lates (2008/09)
SearsMC - CL $500 - PIF - closed - 10 lates (2009)

UCB Collections - 1 medical collection of $62 (tried PFD twice, no response, will PIF and then dispute)

Stephens & Micahels - 1 medical collection of $569 (sent DV, S&M sent proof & wanted settlement of $300, tried PFD, no response, will try to PFD again with $300)

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Re: Stubborn baddies...please help!

Most furnishers of credit reporting have specific written polices against deletion of accurate information, for good reasons.

Credit reporting is there to provide other creditors an accurate view of your prior credit history.  The CRAs, in recognition of that fact, also have incorported instructions in their credit reporting manual that prior reporting is not to be deleted based on payment of a debt.


To puruse GWs via vanilla mail will usually result in a denial based on their standard policy.  Underlings dont usually grant discretionary exceptions.

Many have had success by getting the name of a management official who has authority to grant exceptions to their standard policy.

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Re: Stubborn baddies...please help!

Decline letters after decline discouraging  :-(

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Re: Stubborn baddies...please help!

I've been there myself.  Just remember, you can get 100 No's, but it only takes one yes!

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