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Student Loans Reporting...


Student Loans Reporting...

This might need to be moved to the Student Loan boards... not sure... since it is about me trying to fix my credit Smiley Happy


I am currently in a rehabilitation program with GC Services on behalf of US Dept of Education for defaulted student loans. My question is USDE is on my credit report showing my last 24 payment history as "OK"  and last reports October of this year but the payment status is "Seriously Past Due/Assigned to attorney/collection agency/or credit grantor's internal collection department" and still shows a balance of $3283 and $4304 (two loans). My question is will the CA start reporting on these accounts? Or do i need to wait until I finish my rehab and the new lender will start reporting as current? I was in a similar situation with state-level loans and I finished the rehab program and was told that they would remove all negative information from my CR. There was never anything reported by the CA. Is that the case for federal loans as well?






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Re: Student Loans Reporting...

I am also rehabbing through a CA. They are not reporting anything just the OC. I was told once the 9 months are up the loan will be picked up by my OC and the payment history will change to a pays as agrees/never late. There's a whole thread about this in the student loan forum. Often it takes some time for your CRs to update.
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