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Student loans reaffirmed, now reporting twice?


Student loans reaffirmed, now reporting twice?




Okay here's a new one - I find something new everyday!


My student loans are like 600 entries on my credit report, which is really annoying.  Believe it or not, just TODAY I'm reading through and realize that some of them are reporting twice - one as derogatory from when I filed Ch. 13 and then had it dismissed.  And the second entry is the loan as current (in deferrment).  The Ch. 13 was from early 2006 and will be dropping next year.  It was dismissed about 6 months later after I lost my job and couldn't continue the payments, then I filed a Ch. 7, so the student loans survived and are now considered current again.


At the time I filed, they were still in deferment anyway, so they shouldn't be considered derogatory, but I guess because I had to include them in the Ch. 13.  However, now that they're all in deferment again and have been since 2006, shouldn't they only be reporting once?  They have the same account number too.  Are those negative entries from 2006 dragging me down at all, even though they say Wage Earner Plan?  


Should I just let them drop off next year, or should I try to dispute for osme reason?  Not sure how the Ch. 13 is hurting me right now.

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