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Stupid Mistake...please help!

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Stupid Mistake...please help!

Hi everyone,


The short story is that through a stupid misunderstanding on my part, a medical bill has ended up in a collection agency. I just found out about this Friday evening, and the collection agency and my hospital billing agency are closed for the weekend so I'm hoping to get some advice from you all.


1. When I checked my credit report, there doesn't seem to be any new collections listed. Does this mean that the collection agency hasn't reported to a credit bureau yet? Looks like they mailed the letter to me 6 days ago- I just got it yesterday. 

2. If they haven't reported to a credit bureau, is there a chance that if I pay in full on Monday, they would not report to a credit bureau?

3. Is there any possible way I could just pay the hospital for the amount I owe and avoid dealing with a collection agency? 


This was a complete oversight on my part- I could have easily paid the bill if I had realized I was supposed to. Literally have never had a late payment on a credit card and pay my credit cards in full each month (just use credit cards to get those travel points). My current credit score is 805, so I can imagine that this showing up on my credit report is going to really hit me hard. Kicking myself!!!


Thank you for your time!


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Re: Stupid Mistake...please help!

The CRAs have a new and published policy, resulting from a settlement agreement in a civil action brought by the offices of the AG of multiple states, that they (the CRAs) will not include any reported collection based on medical debt in credit reports they issue until the debt has reached at least 180 days delinquent.

They will additionally remove any paid medical collection if it is shown that the debt was ultimately paid by insurance.


It is possible that the debt collector has reported, but unless the DOFD is at least 180 days prior, the CRA will block it from your credit report.


What is the initial date of delinquency on the medical debt?

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Re: Stupid Mistake...please help!

I've had success several times in calling the hospital and explaining there was an oversight, I messed up, I'm sorry and can I pay this/make it right with you. I would make the payment over the phone and in 4 or 5 weeks the collection was gone from my report. This has been my experience but YMMV.
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Re: Stupid Mistake...please help!

I never got a letter, but I got a derogatory after 90 days. (happened 5 years ago). Spent two years fighting my 600 credit score I got as a result. I think they send to collections early and often without informing the victim they owe.

To this day I've never heard the same amount I owed twice or what it was for.

I got cfpb to get them off my back and restore credit, back up to 750 these days.
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Re: Stupid Mistake...please help!

It is also possible that the collection agency may not report right away so you may have a good chance of getting it resolved before a negative impact.

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Re: Stupid Mistake...please help!

its possible your credit report hasn't been updated and it will show on there. I'd try the hospital first and if they won't help you, call the collection agency, and work out a pat to remove. I did that with a medical collection of $29 recently. Luckily it only dinged me 8 points when it showed up and now it's all reversed.
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Re: Stupid Mistake...please help!

My mom paid more than that, got the points back I think over time but the neg mark is still on there, but it says paid now haha.
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