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Success Story

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Success Story

Hi all, 

First I want to thank this great forum and the good people here, without them I couldn't do this 

all the setps I am lisiting are the direct advice from users here, nothing from my mind


my story starts  8 months ago with a score of FAKO 650 I had only 1 AMEX charage card had it for 9 years and never missed a payment, also one midical bill collection

that was due to get dropped 1 month from then.


after drop my FAKO went to 736, went ahead and check FICO and it jumped to 750 !

did not pull the trigger and followed the adivec, my util% was around 70%, paid the bill early before the satment closes with 3 days

1 week after my FICO score jumped to 780 !

was time to pull the trigger, followed the advice again and applied for AMEX revolver, 

got instant approval for AMEX BLUE P ( initial limit  15000 ) , yes even Amex rep was supriessed over the phone when I was checking it !

becuase Amex backdate, only the inq was the thing that lowerd my score, lost 8 points 

Amex new card took 2 months to report, but once it did, my score jumped to 807  ........... Yes I am in the 800 club !!!

waited 1 months looking and thinking what cards do I want, 

last month Applied for Citi Prefe and Chase Freedom

both cards got 7-10 msg, 

called to check and it was due to ID verfication, cleared that, and got approved for Citi with 10K and Chase with 7K

both citi and chase did pull both EQ and EX

my score went down to 775, 

applied for one more amex to fix AAoA a bit, got approved 

when it reported last week, my score jumped to 791 FICO

right now I have :

one Amex charge 

two amex revolver

one citi revolver

one chase revolver


2 inq on EQ and 4 on EX

util% is around 5%, I will drop it in few days to 0% and check results


so my message for everyone is ,, don't give up, and if you are reading these words, means you found the forum already and you are on the right track.


Thanks eveyone


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Re: Success Story

Great stuff!!! Congrats!!

Amex PRG(NPSL), Amex BCE($5K), Amex Hilton($1K), NavCheck ($15K), NFCU CR Siggy($20K), USAA Amex($7K), USAA World MC($7K), CSP($2.3K), Chase Marriott($1.8K), Care Credit($2.5K), Cap1 QS($3.5K), VS($500), Cap1 Secure($200) Starting Scores(Jan 2013): FICO EQ: 643, TU: 552, EX: 567 Current Scores(Sept. 2016): FICO EQ: 672, TU: 703(?), EX: 682 In the Garden FOR-EV-ER!!!!! Cards and goals achieved! Let's grow and mature these babies!!!
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Re: Success Story



It is my goal to be in the 700 club...I can't even what having an 800 credit score would feel like!


I am paying down my utilization hopefully in a few months I will be joining you in the success party!

Starting Score: (04/18/2013) EX 572, TU 577, EQ 554
Currently: (12/2014) EX ?, TU ?, EQ 766 (new version)
Lender Pull (12/03/14): EX 759, TU 750, EQ 766
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