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Success in 1 Month! Continuing the journey....

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Success in 1 Month! Continuing the journey....

Hi All, 


I’ve spent hours and hours on this forum and have had great success within just 1 month! I want to share my wins, as I felt hopeless before I started and just wanted to encourage anyone that has yet to start. Also hoping for another quick boost, so any input is appreciated! 


I only have my starting mortgage scores, as all of this started with the goal of purchasing a home. I’ll post my current FICO 8 scores to track future success.


MyFico MORTGAGE SCORES - Feb. 2019

TU - 531

EX - 516

EQ - 542


MyFico MORTGAGE SCORES - Mar. 2019

TU - 595

EX - 605

EQ - 576


MyFio 8 SCORES - Mar. 2019

TU - 695 (CK FAKO 543 in Feb.)

EX - 654 

EQ - 621 (CK FAKO 566 in Feb.)


Report Negatives - Feb. 2019 (Updates from March in blue)


Charge Off - Barclays - Settled for less, but still reporting balance (TU, EX, EQ) - Disputed, balance updated to $0, still in CO status

Charge Off - Target - Settled for less/paid (TU, EX, EQ)

Charge Off - Credit One - Settled for less/paid (TU, EX, EQ) - REMOVED! Sent GW Letter to CEO


Collection - LJ Ross (on behalf of BGE) - Credit with BGE pending, reporting balance (TU, EX, EQ) - REMOVED! Settled with OC via an account credit

Collection - Waypoint Resource Group (on behalf of Comcast) - balance owed (TU, EX, EQ)

Collection - Midland Funding (on behalf of Credit One) - paid (TU, EX, EQ) - REMOVED! Deleted before the 2 year DOFD - major success!


Late Payment - 30 Day - Wells Fargo CC from 12/18 (TU, EX, EQ) - In the process of being removed / had to argue escalate via phone

Late Payment - 30 Day - Kohls 2/18 + older lates from 4+ years ago (TU, EX, EQ)

Late Payment - 30 Day - Capital One 6/17, 11/16 (TU, EX, EQ)

Late Payment - 30/60 Day - TimePayment Loan 2/19 (EX), 10-11/16 (EX, EQ)

Late Payment + Past Due - 120+ Day - ECSI / UMD Perkins 12/18, 1/19, 2/19 (TU) Paid and closed account, still have lates


HIGH Utilization - Above 100% limit on 1 Credit Card - Paid down to 1% balance


I have a few late payments from older closed accounts, but I am not focused on those at the moment. I also have additional accounts in good standing (Student Loans, Credit Card, Car Loan), but have numerous inquiries and AAOA of 4.5 years.


If anyone has had success with the companies that I have remaining negatives with, please share! I just want them all gone completely. My goal is to get above a 620 score for mortgage down payment assistance ASAP. I’ll keep this thread updated as I progress.


Thank you all for posting in this community, as it has been a HUGE resource and a large part of my success thus far.

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Re: Success in 1 Month! Continuing the journey....

-Charge Off's-

Barclays: I think they might work something out but you would have to have paid it off in full first. Be aware that they will update if you pay off the account so it will report even worse before it gets better.

Target: This is serviced by TD Bank. You want to mail letters to the address on the credit report. They are more prone to remove old accounts completely along with the lates than change anything.

Credit One: I am not surprised. As a subprime lender they have massive experience with these kinds of letters and even they know when to ease off on the gas.



LJ Ross (BGE)Baltimore Gas and Electric is well aware of the pains of Maryland. Most electric/gas providers are since they are in a regulated market.

Waypoint Resource Group (Comcast): You want to step into a Comcast store and pay off the debt. Then get a letter stating that the negative info is to be deleted at the store. You have to remember Comcast has a very large boot to kick Waypoint. 

Midland Funding (Credit One)Again a clear example of a Lender knowing how to handle subprime properly. They even went to great lengths to get a good debt collector.


-Late Payment's-

Wells Fargo CC: This is Wells Fargo so they probably are offering lenience only because they are unsure of who is in the wrong. Lets be real and say their reputation needs work.

Kohls: This is serviced by Capitol One.

Capital One: This one is staying for the full 7 years. They have fully automated and even the office of the president is limited on what they can do.

TimePayment Loan: Not enough information exists from this lender.

ECSI / UMD Perkin: This is a federal student loan. There is nothing here to modify.

TU:758 06/19/20 Bank of America--EX: 776 06/10/20 Experian--EQ:810 09/25/18 Citi--Gardening since 07/02/20
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Re: Success in 1 Month! Continuing the journey....

Welcome to the board and great progress for one month.
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