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Successful CA GW- I C Systems!

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Successful CA GW- I C Systems!

I just found this forum a couple of weeks ago, and I've already seen improvement!

I had no idea I could ask them to remove paid collections- it never occurred to me. 


We are planning on buying a house and I needed 1 whopping point on my TU score to qualify for decent lending.  I sent a GW, by email, to I C Systems and within a week they agreed to remove it and as of today, it's done!


5/22/09 604 EQ/629 TU/653 EX (plus score)

5/9/09   604EQ /619 TU/642 EX (plus score)


Thanks guys for the wealth of knowledge floating around this forum.  I'm going to try another GW letter for J C Christensen CA and see if I can't bump it a bit higher!



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Re: Successful CA GW- I C Systems!

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Re: Successful CA GW- I C Systems!

would you please private me the email address?


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Re: Successful CA GW- I C Systems!

Yes, i'd like to know the email addy you used as well because their website states this:


Did You Receive Correspondence
from I.C. System? 

This is a communication from a debt collector attempting to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Please direct all inquiries to the phone number or address listed in the letter. To make a payment, please follow the payment instructions within the letter.

To ensure our compliance with debt collection laws, we are unable to acknowledge questions or discuss account issues via e-mail.

You may send correspondence via U.S. mail to the address listed below. Note: Any responses will be handled through U.S. Mail or a phone call.

I.C. System
444 Highway 96 East
PO Box 64378
St. Paul, MN 55164


--Please message me the email addy you used as well. TIA!!

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Re: Successful CA GW- I C Systems!

I would like the email addy as well, can you please provide to me? Thanks so much  I have sent letter to them, they will not respond by writing, they only call me insessantly.  thanks
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