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Successfully Suing a CA...

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Successfully Suing a CA...



I've been getting harassing phone calls from Capital Accounts, that Nashville-based bunch of scum-suckers.  Anyway, they're trying to collect on a medical debt that the insurance company paid directly to the doctor back in March of this year.  Now, here it is 6 months later and they're still calling me up trying to get me to set up a payment over the phone.  I even spoke with the doctor and was told that she received the insurance check and instructed Capital Accounts to remove me from their collection list, and this was done months ago.


So I'm going to sue them in Small Claims court, i'm filing next week for violating FDCPA Section 806 (2), 806 (5), 807 (2)(B), 807(10), and 807 (11).  I'm asking for $1000 per FDCPA Section 813 (2)(A).


Has anyone successfully sued a CA in Small Claims court using these statutory violations?



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