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Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

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Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

So long story short, I had some late payments on a Synchrony/CareCredit account from 2017 (about 9 in total, one was as bad as 120 days). I eventually paid off the account satisfactorily but it was dragging my credit a bit. In fact, this was my only derogatory mark ever.

Anyways, after reading this forum, I took a shot in the dark and emailed a few email addresses my story with the hope that they would remove these marks now that the account was paid off and this is how it went...

  • Last Thursday (March 11) - I email a handful of Synchrony email addresses, including Margaret Keane (President & CEO)
  • Last Friday (March 12) - I receive an email acknowledging that my inquiry was received by Margaraet Keane's office and they would get back to me by email or phone in 1-2 business day
  • Yesterday (March 17) - I get a call from someone in Margaret Keane's office essentially saying that they were happy to remove all derogatory marks for a "humanitarian reason" and she would transmit these changes to the credit bureaus ASAP and informed me it could take up to 30 days to see it
  • Today (March 18) - Just out of curiosity, not expecting much, I refreshed my three bureau credit reports and to my great surprise - both my Experian and Equifax reports were already updated giving me a bump of 60 points each! Now just waiting for TransUnion.

Super happy and frankly shocked at how quickly this happened. Feel free to message with me with any questions!

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Re: Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

What a fantastic outcome!  We're you able to keep this card open?


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Re: Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

No, it has been closed for several years since it first went delinquent! But ultimately very pleased!

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Re: Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

Congrats on your successful GW removal!!! There's been a few positive outcomes in recent months, where Synch is concerned. Well done!!

Smiley Happy

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Re: Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

Congratulations on your GW success! Thank you for sharing your story.

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Re: Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

@sdimarco1997, Congratulations on your GW successSmiley Happy and Welcome to the forum!

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Re: Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

Way to go, grats to your success & welcome to myFico!

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Re: Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

Congrats! Was there any specific template or format you used in the email?

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Re: Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

Congrats on the success!  I also have a late payment reported from Synchrony bank.  Do you have the email addresses that you emailed and a template of the letter you sent?  I would love to follow suit and learn from how you were able to do this.

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Re: Synchrony/CareCredit Goodwill SUCCESS!!

Would you mind sharing that email address?


I am in the process of an adjustment with Synchrony. Thanks so much!

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