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Synchrony Success!

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Synchrony Success!

I e-mailed a GWL to Synchrony about 4 late payments on my Rooms To Go account last week.  Never heard anything back from them, but received a CK credit alert today and found out that not only did they remove ALL of the lates, they also retroactively removed all of the late fees that were applied to the account due to those late payments.


So 4 lates were dropped, and they took our balance from $549 to $298 overnight!  Wow, I don't even know what to say!


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Re: Synchrony Success!

Hooray! You never know if you don’t try!

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Re: Synchrony Success!

Wow, this gives me hope. I have lates spread around on about 3 cards. 


Synchrony really seems like a good company. 


Thanks for sharing. 

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Re: Synchrony Success!

Wow - amazing - way to go - congratulations!

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Re: Synchrony Success!


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Re: Synchrony Success!

Can you PM me the email you used?

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Re: Synchrony Success!

Can u PM me the letter u used I have 2 missed payments that dropped my score 80 points
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Re: Synchrony Success!

That’s really good! Congrats
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Re: Synchrony Success!

I love a good success story!

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Re: Synchrony Success!

Super! Would like you to PM contact information/email please.


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