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T-Mobile Corporate acct dispute came back verified

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T-Mobile Corporate acct dispute came back verified

There's a charge off and collection for $260 from T-Mobile reporting on my account. This was due to a business line of service that I ordered with my corporate credit card for company use. The account was put into my name rather than my employer's name for some reason. The service was cancelled due to poor service and T-Mobile incorrectly continued to bill after the account was closed. I told AP not to pay the bill (the cc they had on file had expired so they couldn't auto bill me) because the account was closed.


A few months ago this collection showed up on EX and EQ for me. I filed disputes with the CRA saying the accounts weren't mine and belonged to my employer but apparently they came back verified.


Any ideas what to do next? BBB?

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Re: T-Mobile Corporate acct dispute came back verified

As for the billing issue, I would consider filing a dispute under the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), which addresses the billing dispute issues directly, rather than disputing the credit reporting results indirectly.  FCRA disputes can be verified without providing any documentation, whereas FCBA disputes provide access to creditor records.


As for filing a complaint, you can send to your BBB, but the formal complaint process is to the FTC.



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