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T-mobile turned me over to the dreaded Midland in December for an unpaid account.  I called T-mobile and spoke with two representatives who confirmed that they would recall my account from the CA, after I PIF.  I could not get either of them to send me that agreement in writing though.  I went ahead and paid, just because I wanted the matter resolved.  I sent at dispute to the CRA's, explaining that the original creditor had already been paid.  I'm  hoping that MCM doesn't find it worth their time to respond after confirming with T-mobile that the account has been paid.  In the event they do just verify and report $0 balance, I want to also appeal to T-mobile in writing to recall my account (if the two telephone representatives I spoke with haven't already done so).  Does anyone have good contact information for anyone at T-mobile?  Fax, email, or snail mail? 

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Re: T-Mobile

What ended up happening with this??

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