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TD Bank Nordstrom 7 year charge off

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TD Bank Nordstrom 7 year charge off

So one of of many charge off's in 2016 was Nordstrom for $7k

It was always held internally, I never negotiated or paid them a cent

As the exclusion date was approaching I tried EE several times with each bureau. In November it finally happened with TU, gone!

Today I received a 1099-C Cancellatiiin of Debt effective 11/15/22 reason code G "decision or policy to discontinue collection"
I feel it's absurd they sent this seven years later but plan to use this document to push EX and EQ to also delete the account. They have both refused a couple times and now won't even allow an online dispute unless I upload something  in support, which it seems I now have.


A cursory search seems to make the 1099-C mute as I can show I was insolvent at the time the debt went delinquent therefore won't pay taxes on this.


welcome thoughts on this situation THANKS

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Re: TD Bank Nordstrom 7 year charge off

What is the actual DoFD? First 30 day late that led to a CO. Congrats on TU. EX is 3 months. EQ dont bother. Not sooner. 1099c is normal as they wrote it off. Might be a bit difficult to prove your point with the IRS. Unless you have your W2's from them. Too many disputes especially if it was too early they close the door.

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Re: TD Bank Nordstrom 7 year charge off

The DOFD was 05/2016

Even if they (EQ and EX) refuse to delete early the balance should be zero now not the monthly update of $7k or should that happen automatically on the next update?

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