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TU EE success - 9mo out

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TU EE success - 9mo out

A pleasant surprise indeed! I know Transunion typically does 6mo early exclusion, but I thought I'd give it a try at 9 months.

BK7 isn't due to come off until mid Nov 2019. I disputed it online, checking the box that mentioned the date (sorry, forgot the exact wording).

In the comment box, I wrote "Kindly requesting early exclusion."

Within 24hrs, I got a notification with the results and that it had been deleted.


I've had 20yr credit history and the past almost 10yrs have been living with this blemish. I've certainly learned from my mistakes and will not put myself in that situation again. The guilt still lives on though.

I only discovered this forum last year and appreciate so much everyone's input, advice, stories, feedback, name it.

What a great community.


Current Fico 8: 

756 EQ

745 TU

742 EX


Will update new TU score if any, when I get it.

Looking forward to getting EQ and EX blemish free later this year.


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Re: TU EE success - 9mo out

EXP 612 / EQ 600 / TU 626 (June 2018)
Goal 700

EXP 644 / EQ 616 / TU 646 (July 2018)
EXP 648/ TU 653 (Aug 2018)
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Re: TU EE success - 9mo out

Well done!
Fico 8 as of 11/13/19:

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Re: TU EE success - 9mo out

Great recovery!

Aug 2019: EQ 713, EX 698, TU 708 (Mar 2017: 550's)

AAoA: 8.6 years, Gardening Goal: Spring 2020
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Re: TU EE success - 9mo out

thanks so much guys.


just got an alert.

TU went +67pts to 812.


it's incredible to think that TU graciously removed the bk 9 months early considering that they are sometimes uptight with just 6mo + 1 week in some cases that i've read on here. 

this should give other hope who are looking for EE!

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just wanted to share - TU +67pts after bk7 EE and is now 812

I recently posted about a successful EE on TU 9 months early:

(have read that 6mo is usually the case) so I feel extremely lucky.


To anyone who was or is in a similar boat, you can do it!


Other DPs:

AAoA: 5yrs 8mo

Oldest Acct: 14yrs 3mo

Youngest Acct: 8 mo

Inquiries: 1 in the last yr, 2 in the last 2 yrs

Accts: 2 installment, 7 cc

Util: 8%


Screen Shot 2019-02-16 at 10.37.09 AM.png



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Re: just wanted to share - TU +67pts after bk7 EE and is now 812

Oh that’s got to be a wonderful feeling seeing that 800+ score! Congratulations and thanks for the DP, I’ll try to get mine off in December lol!


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Re: TU EE success - 9mo out

Congratulations on the EE!

Starting Scores FICO 8 (Feb '18):
EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545

Current Scores

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Re: TU EE success - 9mo out

Sweet!!!! I wish EX would do the same. I have no negatives on TU.


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Re: just wanted to share - TU +67pts after bk7 EE and is now 812

Wow! It's rare seeing bankruptcy and an 800+ score in the same post. But with all your diligence and patience, it sounds like you deserve it. Good work!

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