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TU & EX deleted, why not EQ?

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TU & EX deleted, why not EQ?

I have gone round and round with MBB (Medical Business Bureau) about a paid $60 account that went into collections around the same time I paid it off with the OC.

They absolutely refuse to delete. After GW letters and phone calls, I finally just disputed it with all 3 CB's hoping for a deletion. I was totally giddy when TU and EX

came back and deleted the account, but EQ came back as verified. Ughhh....has anyone else had this happen? and if so, any advice?? TIA!

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Re: TU & EX deleted, why not EQ?

Yep, literally just happened with me except EX didn't delete. I plan on doing a direct, written dispute with EX. This is not surprising or rare.  Unfortunately you can't uses one bureaus listing/deletion as a basis for deletion from another. 

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Re: TU & EX deleted, why not EQ?

+1  There always seems to be a hold out, and it differs to each person.  Mine is EX that seems to hold on to thing forever.

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Re: TU & EX deleted, why not EQ?

EQ is the new EX/.  I have just now tried to get a derog comment off a "good" account and they refused twice.


Lets see what the State Attorney General's office has to say.


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Re: TU & EX deleted, why not EQ?

I've noticed that some just won't let go, it almost seems as if they enforce no deletion more than the creditors do. The good news is, most of the things I want in life pull TU, so as long as they are good to me I'll be ok lol.

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Re: TU & EX deleted, why not EQ?

EQ is the devil's personal CRA. They are by far the worst to deal with. Least in my experience. I am currently fighting with them.

I had a CO from Wells Fargo removed that alone took me months. Finally Wells gave in and realized they were wrong. They sent me a letter saying the TL would be deleted. Before I even received the letter EX and TU deleted. This was on Oct 15th. I called EQ last week and asked what the deal was. They asked if I wanted to dispute. So I said yes and faxed the letter over to them clearly saying that the TL was to be deleted. Results came back in 24hrs. Surprise verified! Actually not really a surprise from them. So I called and spoke with a supervisor and they claim that Wells Fargo sent the info back it was verified.

So once again I called Wells and they said they requested it to be removed. Called EQ back and they said Wells would have to call their 1 800 business number and tell them to remove it. EQ said their process is different then EX and TU and someone has to actually call them to remove information. I was not buying it.

So last week I had enough of it. Filed a complaint with the CFPB and shall see if this gets me anywhere.

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Re: TU & EX deleted, why not EQ?

I see two sides to the coin.

It can be argued that they are not compelled to verify with each CRA, and thus may choose to only provide verification to only one.  Lacking verification from the furnisher and any other means to independently verify, the CRA is required to then delete the dispute information.  Howver, such deletion is not absolute, as they can always provide later submission of verification and have the deleted information reinserted.  Thus, lack of verification within the dispute period cannot be assumed as establishing that the information cannot be verified, just that it was not in that particular instance.


It can also be argued that, based on their requirement to report the results of any dispute to each CRA, and not just the one handling the dispute, if they were unable to verify, it would seem that consistency would result in the same reporting. 


I boils down, at least in my opinion, as to whether the furnisher actually provided verification back to the CRA.

You can request a description of the procedure used by the CRA to verify the accuracy by sending them a so-called MOV request.

That would be my recommended step.  The facts arent clear, at least to me, as to what was or was not communicated to each CRA.

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