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TU early exclusion

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TU early exclusion

ok so ive called TU 3 times today, all 3 times getting someone that i could barely understand, and i tell them that i want to see about getting an Early Exclusion on my account tell them the date of the account which will drop on 11/2016 and another on 4/2016, they ask me if i want to open a dispute , and i tell them NO i do not i am simply trying to see if i can get an early eaclusion, and they tell me NO, not unless i open a dispute with the debitor, saying the debit it to old and would like it off my account, i tell them im simply trying to get it excluded from my report early...


read that TU is the easiest of the 3 im having exactly the opposite, i had both EX and EQ drop both of these without a hitch, am i saying something wrong here ? i dont want to dispute the debit as i dont want to do anything that will even remotely effect the drop date as its so close ....


i have searched and read numerous forum pages about it also 

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Re: TU early exclusion

They call it a dispute even if you're asking for an early exclusion. They are the only CRA that does that. 

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Re: TU early exclusion

ive read that , but i distinctly asked who reviews the dispute, and they told me they contact the creditor,about the dispute, that ws my only concern..


so if they truely do contact the debitor would that effect the drop off date ?

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Re: TU early exclusion

Just think that's what they are trained to say. When they get close to falling off they have a check box that says something like "too old, please remove" I used that for 1 item and they ended up removing 5 that were getting close to falling off. (Early next year). I sure wasn't going to complain. I really think it depends who gets their hands on it really.
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