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Taking advice and finally getting somewhere! Now what?

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Re: Taking advice and finally getting somewhere! Now what?

@850Dreamer wrote:

Get your FICOs to 630 across the board by keeping reported utilization low and no matter what you do pay your navy secured in full each month or let it report a small balance under 8%. Keep paying higher than minimum for Navy auto loan and you should expect to receive a $10k-15k limit or more on a NEW navy card once scores hit 630. Other people have banked with Navy for ~9 months in similar situation as you and received those limits. Navy is your best bet at a real credit card in the shortest time IMO. 


For safest bet app for a new navy card once your secured graduates. But once scores are at 630 I think you should app for a new card with them no matter what. You've been with them long enough. After receiving a second card from Navy with much higher limit I'd consider getting rid of credit one account and gardening for a while. 

That's great advice! I really didn't want to go credit one but I wanted to utilize the AZEO to maximize my score. I am finally feeling good about my credit. It's always just been a mystery to me. You guys rock! So glad I found this forum!

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Re: Taking advice and finally getting somewhere! Now what?

@Bmuffin, Your NFCU accounts are your most important accounts right now. Keep doing the right things to get score up a bit more (seriously 630 is enough) and you will be laughing at the limits NFCU will give you. Just seriously make sure you don't give them ANY reason to doubt you. Don't complain to them, don't let any payments get returned or any checks bounce, be perfect. For some reason your navy secured is not graduating so make sure you are using it enough. Don't let balance sit near max throughout the month. Make payments to keep it cycling and paying in full each month to report $0. Your other two cards are just filler for the FICO formula. Put them on autopay and throw $100-$200 in spend towards discover each month. Don't spend more than a cup of coffee on credit one each month. Credit one doesn't care about you. Right now you don't care about rewards. Discover is cool and will treat you good just not as good as NFCU so throw a few transactions their way but the bulk of your spend if not all of it should be going through your navy card and it will graduate. I'm in same boat as you except my card is unsecured with NFCU but only $500 limit. If you need more motivation research the credit lines and data points of people on this forum when applying for nfcu cards it'll blow your mind.  

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