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Target CO: What's my best course of action?

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Target CO: What's my best course of action?

I had a Target account that charged off in 02/09, high balance listed as $1300 on credit report, DOFD is 9/08. I paid $930 to settle the account in March 2009 with what I thought was an agreement that they would delete all negative info from my credit report regarding this account.

However, they did not delete anything, they just made the Creditor's statement "Account legally paid in full for less than the full balance". Which is technically true, however they sent me a letter(which I still have BTW) that states "Account paid in full" multiple times with no mention of the "for less than the full balance" part. Is there a way I can use this letter to help me get that delete?

Also on my credit report the account is listed as charging off Feb, Mar, and Apr. Is that even possible?

Oh and the status states: "Paid in Settlement. $1300 written off." If I'm right this statement alone is what will get me the delete, because they can't write off $1300, if I paid $930 in my settlement. So if they did write off $1300 then they need to reamend their taxes for that year because they should have only written off about $370, right?They are not going to want to do that, so hopefully they'll fold and just delete this tradeline to shut me up. Or, if they did only write off $370, then they knowingly left incorrect info on my credit report(last reported dated 04/09 1 month after settlement), right? So that should give them motivation to delete hopefully.

Please help me, to figure out what would be the best course of action to get this removed. TIA

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Re: Target CO: What's my best course of action?

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