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Tax Lien / Public Record

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Tax Lien / Public Record

Anyone know the details for getting a Tax Lien removed? It's been paid (I think I paid it in 2006 or 2007) I talked to the IRS guy and he said they send a release of lien at the time of payment to the Clerk of public records. but, On my CR it still shows up...not paid or updated......just there. I have the release of lien form from the IRS but and having trouble figureing out what to do with it. I sent it to the CRA's and they didn't change anything....So I'm thinking it needs to go to some clerk, but I have no intentions of going back to Jefferson Parish to the court house. Also would it really be effecting my score at this point? My scores are 696 and 717. this is the only negitive thing on my CR.

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Re: Tax Lien / Public Record

I think it will stay on as a public record for 8 years? ....but there should at least be a way to make sure it shows as released.

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Re: Tax Lien / Public Record

What I suggest doing is contacting your local Tax Payer Advocate and asking them for their assistance. The thing about the IRS Lien is, it will stay on your record unless you negotiated something with the IRS at the time of payment. Since you did not do that, it stays on your record... I don't know how much it hurts your score -- even if paid -- but I would assume considerably...
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Re: Tax Lien / Public Record

Tax Liens can remain for forever if unpaid. They remain for 7 years from date of paying them.


Dispute as "paid".


The lien release won't remove the lien, I don't believe. But you for sure need it updated to show paid.

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