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Tennessee code question

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Tennessee code question

I am about to go to the court house and am trying to get a judgment vacated. I originally was notified by certified mail of the court date. I was living in Florida at the time and traveled to Tennessee for the court date. The judgment ended up being dismissed. I went on and didn't think anything else about it.


When I started trying to repair my credit, I noticed a judgment on my credit report. I called the court house and the woman said the judgment on my record is a default judgment, meaning I didn't show up at court. I explained that I did attend court but it was dismissed. She agreed that the original judgment was dismissed but this was a second judgment from a later date than the first. Same creditor.... except they changed the name from Capital One Auto to Capital One. Not sure why.


I was never notified of this second court date. I am guessing they have on file that I received notice from the first court date, but not the second. I have yet to go to the court house since it's 3 hours away (now living in TN again).


Is anyone familiar with the TN code that reflects the proper procedure to be notified for general sessions judgments?


Here is the code...


Title 25 is Judgments... just can't find info on proper notice. Maybe it's under Civil Procedure?





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