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Thank You !!!


Thank You !!!

Hello All:


I just wanted to say thank you to all of the knowledgeable moderators and posters here.  When I started this journey I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to begin to get my credit back on track.  But with your help and my perseverance Im on back.  To those just starting, or those  struggling in the process already,  stay strong it does get better. Im living proof. There were many tough days I must admit but reading success stories here really helped me through. I just thank God for this site. 


I might have to change my user name to 1has come back!! Smiley Wink

As of Feb/2012
TU - 761
EQ - 760
EX - ???
Started- 08
TU- 590
EQ- 585
EX- 575
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Re: Thank You !!!

congrats!!! i hope i make it into the 700s soon!

Starting Scores: EQ 582 TU 584 EX 615 (FICO - Lender Pulled) 1/4/2012
Current Scores:EQ 632 TU 698 EX 669 (Lender Pulled) 3/17/2012
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Re: Thank You !!!

Congrats and thanks for giving us hope and inspiration Smiley Happy

Starting Score - 482 EQ (2/4/2012)
Current Score - 542 EQ (SW 3/22/2012), TU 505 (2/25/2012)
First goal - to get into the 600s
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Re: Thank You !!!

Your Welcome.


Pat yourself on the back, because YOU actually did all the hard workSmiley Happy

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