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The 16 month rebuild

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The 16 month rebuild

16 months ago, my credit stunk.  It looked like a little kit took a can of cake sprinkles and sprinkled it all over my report to make fun of my baddies.


16 moths ago I had (All baddies)

9 charge offs

6 collections

3 Lates

115% UTL just for the open card


Some of it was junk that didn't belong there, collection companies didn't remove the TL, dupliacateTLs.

Some of it I owned up to and settled or paid.

A couple of the collections were Midland.  They have an awsome program to remove that TL.

One of the collections was a Calvery collection.  After a year fighting with them, they delted my TL, it took a complant being filed but this was the biggest challange of all, and it gave me 40 points overnight.


Last week I closed on a home equity loan.


Tonight  I was approved for an AMEX BCE.  I'm getting 15 months 0% APR!  You know how long it has been since I got 0% APR, not to mention for unsecured credit the last time I got a CL this big unsecured..16years ago...and they are giving me a $150 bonus to top it all off!!


I'm only in the low 700s and WOW

I only have 1 CO left, but its all paid off.


Im actually glad to have a credit file labeled as "GOOD BOY" now rather then "DOUCH".  I learned all my tricks from this board and how to improve my score from this board.  I wish I would of knew how simple it was sooner, but not I'm on a bridge that will not burn!

Starting Score: May 23, 2016 EQ 537 TU 518 EX 548
Recent Scores: EQ 839 TU 824 EX 821
Goal Score: 840
Current Vantage 3.0: 808
Mortgage Scores August 18 2017: EQ5 684 TU4 692 EX2 690
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Re: The 16 month rebuild

Congratulations on your rebuild success and closing on your mortgage! And thank you for sharing your story, you never know who might be inspired by it. 

Last HP 08-07-2023

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