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The Race to 700

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The Race to 700

I Started this journey with my wife in may 2012 to get a 700 score or to purchase a second home.At one point we were competing to see who can get there first I introduced her to myfico after I joined and she's been aggressive since with pfd and negotiating with collectors we still have ways to go but just wanted to say thx so far heres our scores so far wife on top mine on bottom ... she stared at 661 now 786 i started at 613 now 695


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Re: The Race to 700

That's great, Congrats!

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Re: The Race to 700

That's great, but she's kicking your butt!   LOL

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Re: The Race to 700

A woman who likes to be on top......surprised?

/end sarcasm.
Scores: about 700 across the board
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Re: The Race to 700

I'd need new pants if I saw an 81 point increase.  Did she have something major removed?

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Re: The Race to 700

thx folks as I said she's aggressive and like to be on top ....The 81 points spread was the last collection to fall of it took them forever to take it off but transunion is moving slow in taking it off but the other two did recently ..Some of her goodwill became dispute from cap1 they misinterpreted it that's what cause score drops but she still have four consecutive lates 30 days  from cap1 back in 2010 still on her report they aint budging at all cap1 sucks

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Re: The Race to 700

Those 30 day lates have lost most their steam by now. If you're able to get those removed, it'll be for cosmetic purposes only.

Scores: about 700 across the board
Total CL: $275k
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