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The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.

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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.



One more question, and forgive me if you've answered it previously and I missed it, but how old were the late payments that you got removed?  Were they within the last 2 years or were they older than that?


I agree with the person above that stated that regardless of the points gained through the removal of the baddies, the fact that you are taking "negative" accounts and making them "positive" is huge going forward, especially when the time comes to request credit.

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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.



No forgiveness necessary, your advise has been golden and I am happy to answer any questions you may have :-D


I had one 30 day late pay on my Citi card May of 2015.

I had five 30 day late pays from PSCU on my auto loan, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug. of 2015


On a side note…  Someone at Citi changed the reporting of the late to “No info” and I am completely thrilled about that.   However, since the time the change was done, I have received two more letters declining my request and a third letter telling me I have the wrong department (they provided the correct dept. address ect. and also let me know they had forwarded my request).  And, just yesterday I received a phone call from a Citi CSR who didn’t understand what I was asking them to do.  LOL


I have mentioned that prior to finding your thread on the saturation method, I was doing the “one at a time” method.  I was following the standard “letter” format. I realized that wasn’t working.


I had read tons of example GW letters on the forums.  Although they are mostly all wonderfully crafted letters, my eyes started to bleed after about five.  The “explanations” and stories all started blending together.   I imagined a huge Credit company with a department whose job it is to receive these letters, review and process requests… I thought about who might get my letter placed on their desk.  I didn’t want my letter to make their eyes bleed, what could I say or do to set myself apart? 


So, when I found the “saturation” method, I also decided to break the letter mold, I wrote short (very short) personable letters that were less than professional but still kind and polite.  Those are the letters that I am still getting positive responses to (even thou its allready fixed).    The phone calls I have gotten, the letter I recieved saying “I forwarded this to our cred reporting Dept”, as well as the emails that led to the removal from my credit union, all developed out of letters I wrote that broke the mold.  The old “standard” letters I wrote are the letters I am still receiving standard declines from.


Lastly, at least in the case of the letter sent to my credit union, it was based on a adrdress I wouldn’t have sent to if not for the saturation method.  I also kinda have to think someone at Citi who doesn’t normally receive these requests made the adjustment, I think this because I am still receiving declines from thier credit reporting dispute division.



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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.

I have 12 late payments up to 120 days reporting with Navient, most recent Jan 2015. I had one 90 day removed after emailing the consumer advocate. Tomorrow I have set aside time to go full out with the Saturation Technique. Anyone have success with them? Wish me luck, I know Navient is tough!
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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.

Let us know how it goes with Navient... I need to work on a old late with them...
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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.

Every time I think I understand and am expecting everything, I get a curve ball.


I'm trying for Wells Fargo Dealer Services for a spotty record eventually repo and (paid) chargeoff and I'm flooding every WF corporate address I can find.  One addy in particular (the "checking/savings accounts" one) sent me a response in round 1 saying they were forwarding to the "correct department".  I included them again in round 2.


Now they send me something in round 2 response saying they couldn't pull up the account (which is questionable because my letters did not include my middle initial but the response was adressed to me with middle initial so they looked up something) and to include a copy of Early Warning Services or Chex Systems record that I am disputing.  Obviously that's not what I am disputing, I've gotten their checking account overdraft department; the typical Dealer Service dept has already form rejected me twice, this is the only one to engage my request in any way.


Do I keep going with them, now that I have a contact name there or is this just bluffing to incite round 3 of impersonal spamming?


Should I go less formal on a response to this one, leveling with them to admit it may be the wrong department but if they have a heart delete the info?  What kind of "response" letters does one even write?  They gave me a direct phone number but I am so very bad on the phone I would really rather do it by writing even if it takes longer.


And do I need to wait until the next round to send the response?  The address is very similar to the one I sent it to (different PO box #) so I am guessing if I reply directly to this contact person, I should not try that addy again at round 3 in a couple weeks?

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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.

I usually custom tailor my responses to anyone that replies to me.  Even if it's the wrong department or what have you, I usually send them back a thank you letter letting them know I appreciate that they took the time to respond to my request.  Then I'll usually try to manipulate the conversation some more... basically something to the tone of "I know you said you can't make the adjustment for me, but I really feel that doing so would be a win-win for us both because..." and then give more reasons as to why you'll continue to be a profitable customer.  With Wells Fargo every time I wrote them, somewhere in my letters I referenced wanting to obtain a second mortgage through them but knew I wouldn't be able to apply for it until they removed the baddie from my account.  Eventually this worked; clearly they saw value in potentially getting me into another long term loan with them.  I suppose this could be used with Dealer Services as well, just let them know you want to finance another car through them since your first experience has been so pleasant Smiley Happy

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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.

I agree 100%.  Customization, be polite and control the conversation (manipulate). 


I would only add to what BrutalBodyShots said by telling you that when I “control the conversation” I always let the other person “think” THEY are in control.


As an example. 


The wrong way-  “I would appreciate it if you would not report the late pays”  (this is basically what 90% of people who want something are saying, it is essentially telling them what you want them to do. Strong personalities do not respond well to this.)


The right way-  “Can you help with something? I would really like to get my new car loan through you. However, I monitor my credit and saw that you are reporting a few late pays.  What can we do to get over that hurdle?”   (In asking this way, you get one of two responses.  If they say they can’t help, then you ask them who can and you work your way up the chain. Eventually you find someone who will tell you the solution.) 


It’s been my experience, people in the reporting departments are not customer service reps, they try hard to avoid contact with customers.  It is their job to report accurately.  It is NOT their job to “help”.  You need to find the people whose job it is to help whom can tell the reporting department what to do (this will NOT be a front line CSR).


This is why the saturation method was so effective for me.  It put me in front of different people than everyone else is talking to.   You don’t want to be directed back to the same people everyone else “asks for a favor”.   Talk in a meaningful way to whom you have contacted (customize), be polite, and manipulate them into helping you.


Again, we all need to thank BrutalBodyShots for this method.  It is brilliant.  It worked for me.  I’m sure it will work for others.

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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.

I love the "saturation" technique! Im thankful I haven't had to do this yet....but knowing me, Id shot gun out the letters everyday, so they would definitely get "saturated" Good info...

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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.

Well put above, CaptianJohn!

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Re: The Saturation Technique: Best GW adjustment odds.

I have tried several times to get some lates removed from my Wells Fargo Mortgage tradeline. My summary of that is somewehere around here. Mostly I have tried by email saturation but been unsuccessful. I was working on that between Dec 2015 and Aug 2016. I kind of gave up after that. Since then my WF home mortgage was just paid in full on the 14th of this month after the sale of our home.

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