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The calm AFTER the storm...

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The calm AFTER the storm...

Well, in the next 2 weeks I'll have my last debt paid (except for some derogs that fall off in the next 90 days), then it's garden time after picking up a 3rd card. I'm not looking for an att-a-boy, but asking if anyone else ever encountered this...


No more 70 hour work weeks. No more side gigs. No more waking up early researching CAs and PFD likelihoods. Simply put...there's noone left to fight.


Maybe I just have too much military left in me, but it feels like military retirement..."good game, now go sit down".


Anyway, just reaching out to see if anyone else encountered this. Seems strange, wouldn't most people be throwing a party when the time came? 


Maybe it was the journey, not the destination, for me. I'm a bit off like that.

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Re: The calm AFTER the storm...

atta - boy! Couldn't resist. You should be proud of yourself and savor it at least a little. I don't think there ever is a destination with credit - less like retiring and more like being on call. Managing finances is challenging - it's been for me in the past and I want to keep getting better. Good luck to you.


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Re: The calm AFTER the storm...

@Roward74075  Congratulations on your success! Your next journey may be in building your scores, obtaining credit cards, increasing total credit limits, etc? Whatever they may be, it will be a new goal that is in your future that will keep your juices flowing.

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Re: The calm AFTER the storm...

Thank you for the kind words, fellas. I very much appreciate it. It was just an odd epiphany of "well **bleep**, who am I going to argue FCRA 623 and the FDCPA now?".


Oh well, guess I'll go back to picking fights with the wife while I garden...

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Re: The calm AFTER the storm...

Congrats. Almost like us BK'ers. Phone quit ringing. Didnt have to hit report spam on my phone any more. No more wage garnishment letters. Best part. No more stress and slept a lot better. When the IRS comes calling. No worse feeling than that. Now the past is off my reports. Nothing but good stuff remains. I'll have a brewski for ya!!!!!!!!!! New life 2.0 now.

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Re: The calm AFTER the storm...

Congrats to all your success, enjoy the fruits of it Smiley Happy

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Re: The calm AFTER the storm...

I hope you enjoy the calm after the storm! And thank you for your service to our country 🙇‍♂️ 

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Re: The calm AFTER the storm...

Congratulations on all of your success and FINALLY being able to kick back and put your feet up.🎉


The last part of your post resonated with me, because I've  always felt that way about my (rebuilding) journey, too.


Being an anomaly is something to be admired, so here's to being "off". Smiley Wink

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