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The "pay off your debt in x years" guides..


The "pay off your debt in x years" guides..

I keep seeing these all over the internet. Does anyone know if these programs are woth the money? I doubt it, personally, I'm sure there's all the info I need here on this forum.


So I've come across a crisis here, and am in over my head. Our living situation changed, and we now have to pay out $650 more a month than we had to before. As of now, all of our payments are caught up, but we're soon to be in big trouble. That extra $650 puts us exactly to our income, and that's assuming that we dont buy food, or diapers for the kids.


Husband can't work more hours to make more, job wont let him, and theres not enough hours in the day for a second job. I can't work because it would cost more in daycare than what I would make from working.


So, the only solution for us appears to be to not pay a few of our credit cards, so that we can eat.


Does anyone know if credit companies really will work with you on payment amounts? I'm very doubtful that they would.


I currently have accounts with capital one, hooters, tribute, a small account with credit one, and orchard. Both my husband and I needed to have major dental work done in the last few months, and no insurance, so our cards are all maxed.


Hooters, and tribute are the largest payments that I make. If I wrote a sad sob story letter to the companies, is there a chance they would reduce payment amounts or interest?


We can't qualify for a consolidation loan now, because our cards are maxed. We were well on our way to rebuilding our credit, and had finally gotten up to 630-650 ficos, when we got bombarded with dental bills, and now a change in living situations.


I really dont want to defauly my payments, but I dont see that there's much choice at this point.


I really appreciate any advice you guys can give!

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