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Thin Credit File - how to intelligently "improve" that?

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Re: Thin Credit File - how to intelligently "improve" that?

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@chijo wrote:

Yes, and I was not wanting to juggle it like that right now. I can see that some enjoy that game. My scores cannot handle it right now. Perhaps in the future. 

I don't enjoy the game even one little bit, however, managing three cards to keep reported balances low (or zero) along with a single SSL is a no-brainer and takes very little juggling; it is also just as beneficial at "fattening" one's file from a score perspective as having lots of cards.  Speaking of the folks with dozens of cards, I agree with you, playing the game from that perspective is waaaay too much work for a couple hundred dollars and a few FICO points of gain.


Long story short, get three good "rewards" cards, even if you need to start them out as secured, keep them at low/no utilization, open an SSL and pay it down under 9%, and then hit the garden and watch your scores and history grow.  Simple as that.


Homeowner since Sept 2020. My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag. Just sharing my experiences after BK from learning here from rebuild to recovery @ 540's.
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