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Third Party Supplemental Information.

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Third Party Supplemental Information.

After a dispute I pulled my TU report for free from their site.

At the bottom there is a third party supplemental information page.


Can someone explain this and do I need to be concerned about inaccuracies in there?


I really do not understand anything listed there but specifically:



Days since Most Recetn Inquiry By Payday Lender -  ???  Even if this was based on 4/11/2017 I absolutely did not look for a payday loan in 2017 nor in the last 10 years +.


Stuff I do not understand:1.png2.png1.png2.png

Checking Account Inquiries in last x months - what is this?  It shows 1 in the last month and others in last several months.  I did not apply for a new checking account not sure what this?  Since it says requested on 4/11/2017 are those inquiries with respect to 4/11/2017 or today when I pulled my TU report?


Club & Subscription Activity

Days since last pament was made  What is this.  Shows 225 days even if that was based on 4/11/2017 it would be 8/29/2016.  What could that possibly be?



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