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This is for anyone who used My Jewlers Club

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This is for anyone who used My Jewlers Club

Results from anyone who has used My Jewelers Club

This post is for anyone who has already used My Jewelers Club to establish the $5,000 line of credit and has had it report. What kind of improvements have you seen to your credit since then? I just started my account a month ago. Never received a card in the mail and nothing has shown on my credit report of this credit line even existing. How long does it take to show on your report? I'm looking for my credit utilization to go down. Right now its 70%. I'm paying down my other credit cards but I wanted this to help lower my utilization. Can anyone answer this.
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Re: This is for anyone who used My Jewlers Club

I recieved a physical card. Took 14 days for me to get the item that I ordered and about 45 days to see the postings under Majr Finance.

Started from the bottom now I'm here. Smiley Happy
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